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Fakultät Elektrotechnik      
Interface Electronics       Fachgebiet Elektronik, Prof. Vollrath      

Interface Electronics

LAB 1 and 2 Introductions

***426, W / ***639, R


Introduction HTML programming

At the beginning of the practical implementation we started to download the prefabricated .zip file,
which was delivered by the professor under the following link.


As a next step we unpacked the zipfile,
because it is the template for all web reports.
Subsequently, we have supplemented and reformatted this template.
These adaptations and all further work on the part of the web page
creation are carried out with the program Notepad++,
since this represents the best option for a smooth implementation.

Introduction LTSpice

On start of practical labroratory we started to open LTSpice


After that we got a introduction of the keyfeatures of this program.

Moreover we downloaded a schematic from the Interface Electronics Webpage.

With this schematic we tried to get used to it, for example get some commands like
.op Simulation operation point or

.tran what stands for simulating over a time period T = 1/f