Laboratory 6: Build a Pipelined ADC and measure performance


Design a pipelined 2 or 3 Bit ADC using a LM324 Quad Operational Amplifier
Build a test circuit on a PCB for the Electronic Explorer for a pipeline AD converter. This laboratory is planned for a couple of weeks.
  1. Build the circuit in LTSPICE and simulate the performance. Look for a datasheet of LM324 and a SPICE model. VDDn, VDDp GND, VRef should be supplied from the Electronic Explorer board.
  2. Build the circuit directly on the Electronic Explorer board and measure the performance and compare to simulation.
  3. Transfer the circuit to a small board and measure performance.
  4. Cmbine multiple boards to increase number of bits and measure performance.
Document your work. You can use Electronic Explorer Breadboard tool planning wiring and component placement.
Investigate the INL and DNL. What is the maximum sampling frequency?

Make a report and sent a pdf file until 30.11.2015 to joerg.vollrath(@) The file name should contain the date, the laboratory, your last name and first name. <year>_<month>_<Date>_Lab04_<Last_name>_<First_Name>.pdf Example: 2015_11_30_Lab04_Vollrath_Joerg.pdf


Each question should be answered. The answer should be correct/make sense. The submission date will be graded. Submission should happen until end of semester. Late submission will be downgraded. A nice document format and correct use of English language and spelling is graded.