This application can generate input signals as integers and for EE as vectors

Number of bits:
Maximum integer value:
Number of periods (11,43,101):
Number of points (1024,16384):
Number of samples per point:
Inverted Data:
Data output format:

It is necessary for a sine signal to have at least 3 times the number of code samples to generate all possible codes.
\( N_{signal} = 3 \cdot 2^{N_{Bit}} \)

Generate integer values

DDS sine coefficients

Calibration values

The calibration list should have 2B values.
The calibration list can be generated feeding ramp data into FFT_Javascript_2017_Calibration.html
The calculated sine value will be looked up in this list to generate a better calibrated digital output code.
Text input field for positive integer numbers:

Generate default calibration

Signal values

An extra MSB is added as trigger with a single pulse at the start.