Laboratory 2: Research: State of the art commercial data converters


You want to know, if there is a difference between published data converters and commercially available data converters. You already have some names of companies producing data converters:
  • Analog Devices
  • Linear Technology
  • National Semiconductor
  • Texas Instruments
  • Maxim
There are also some distributers (for example: digikey), where you can check availability and prices.


  1. Do you know any other data converter manufacturers?
  2. Do you have a preferred distributor?
  3. Select 5 devices (DA and AD converters each) which became recently available, have an evaluation board and compare performance and price.

Use the following table format:
lution (Bits)
ple rate [MHz]
Power consumption
Architecture Power supply
voltage [V]
ADC Input
range, DAC out-
put range
Number of converters Price [$] Typ: ADC, DAC Manufacturer DistributorWeb site
12 900 NA Pipelined 1.8 3.3 2 472 ADC TI Digikey1

[1] Digikey:

  1. Try to find 3 data converters having a C2C DAC? If you don't find any document, do a general search on the internet.
  2. What is the difference between published data converters and commercially available?

Make a report and submit o pdf file or make a report as a web page.

You can use the source code of this web page or there is a web page template available here.
Additional files are here as an zip file (39 MB).

Send a ziped group directory with your data containing also a printout of the webpage in a pdf file to

You can use the freeware program PDF Creator for generating the pdf file.

The directory should be named with the year, group number and last name

Example: 2017_Group01_Vollrath

In this directory put the html and pdf file.
The file name should contain the date, the laboratory and your last names.

Example: 2017_10_24_InEl_Lab02_Vollrath_studentx.html
Example: 2017_10_24_InEl_Lab02_Vollrath_studentx.pdf


Each question should be answered. The answer should be correct/make sense. The submission date will be graded. Submission should happen until next week's laboratory. Late submission will be downgraded. A nice document format and correct use of English language and spelling is graded.