Read oscilloscope data

This web page reads data from the 'input data' field.
- Analysis of a ramp measurement of a DAC
- Convert sine data into integer values for FFT tool.

Filter the output using index of 'DNL, INL start' taking 'DNL, INL length' values for averaging and using a 'DNL, INL step' for the next value.

Integer range for output data (8-bit:256; 16-bit 65536; 20-bit: 1048576):

Input data

Format: one header line, semicolon separated values.
The columns should be: time; Vout;
Time (s);C2 (V)

Number of data (How many lines to process):
Zoom start:
Zoom number of points:
DNL,INL start:
DNL,INL averaging length:
DNL,INL step(Float):
Number of values:
Option for measurement analysis:

This only processes the second column of data: C2 (V)

Process oscilloscope data

Load example1 oscilloscope data

Load example2 oscilloscope data

For the example oscilloscope data select DNL,INL start: 10; DNL, INL averaging length: 40; DNL,INL step 250; Number of values 16; Ramp INL, DNL.
The first chart shows all data and the selected data set for processing.
You can also use Excel to do the filtering of valid data.

Link: FFT tool
Link: Sine generator