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Interface Electronics       Fachgebiet Elektronik, Prof. Vollrath      

Interface Electronics

Laboratory 01/02

Group A04, ****68, G



Designing Low Pass Filter in LTSpice

Simulation Results of Low Pass Filter

4 Bit AD and DA Converters

Simulation Results of 4 Bit AD and DA Converters

3 Bit DAC for DNL and INL Measurement

DNL measurement of 3 bit DAC

INL measurement of 3 bit DAC


Experience During Laboratory Training


[1] Making of a Webreport , Vollrath

[2] Personal pages of Interface Electronics from Hochschule Kempten, Pr. Dr-Ing. Jörg Vollrath

Additional Information

    Measurement script for 3 bit DAC (LTSpice script)
    SPICE Error log (.log file)