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Interface Electronics

Laboratory 01

GroupC6, ***995, R

ADC and DAC LTSPICE Simulation


Installation of webpage

Test for 4 Bit ADC and DAC

A 4 Bit ADC and DAC test can be simulated in LTSPICE.
The files were downloaded and LTSPICE was started.
The output file size can be limited by using the .save dialog option.

A voltage cource was added with a ramp from 0 V to 1 V with a rise time of 655µs.
The picture shows a ramp impact voltage and DAC ramp output voltage over 16 steps can be seen.
With a measurement statement the voltage levels were extracted.

.Measure TRAN V0000 FIND V(Vout) AT=20u

At 60us time the output of 0.0625 V is given for the code 0001.
V0001: V(Vout)=0.0625 at 6e-005

No error in the voltage level can be seen. It is an ideal ADC and DAC.

LTSPICE schematics

In this section, we will the real output voltages by using the .MEAS script of the LTSPICE. The resulting waveform is given below.
After that, the DNL and INL values has been calculated manually and their graphs can be seen below.

Summary and Learning Outcomes

In this laboratory, I got a chance to learn how to code in HTML and I made my first web report.
I tested the 4 bit DAC and ADC in LTSPICE and observed their outputs from the simulation.
Then, I observed the difference between real and ideal output voltages.
Later on, I calculated the DNL and INL values and plotted their outputs using microsoft Excel.

During the implementation, I learned many new features of LTSPICE like executing the .MEAS script.
I faced few challenges as well during the implementation. For example, the circuits were not showing in the browser. In order to solve this problem, I have to change the flag privacy.file_unique_origin to False.
In short, this lab report prepared us for the incoming laboratories. After the completion of this report, I am more than ready to perform future tasks on LTSPICE and submit the reports using the HTML.


[1] Making of a Webreport , Vollrath