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01 Introduction

Prof. Dr. Jörg Vollrath

Video of lecture 01

Länge: 1:02:33 min
0:1:59 How to design a chip

0:4:1 From Schematic to chip

0:5:19 Packaged opamp chip

0:11:24 Lecturer

0:11:24 Industry experience DRAM

0:15:1 Area Electronics

0:16:31 Course Contents

0:20:46 Microelectronics Wikipedia

0:21:49 Relevance for you

0:25:34 Big Data in Microelectronics

0:27:9 Companies

0:30:39 Semiconductor Sales Leader

0:33:14 References

0:37:34 Summary

0:40:39 Donwload LTSPICE, Electric

0:43:14 Electric

0:46:38 Transistor Evolution Intel Core i7

0:56:39 MOSFET Transistor

0:59:29 Design a processor: The Pentium Chronicles

Video of lecture 02 22.03.2021

Länge: 1:02:33 min
0:2:53 MOSFET layout, schematic, cross section

0:7:53 Cross section

0:11:23 Layout. Minimum feature size

0:16:8 Transistor 16 F^2

0:18:43 Laboratory 1/2 NFET drawing

0:21:53 Start Electric

0:23:23 Close libraries

0:24:8 Download and load lib and cmosedu_models.txt

0:26:13 Schematic view

0:27:33 Preferences

0:29:43 Scale, feature size, lambda

0:31:33 SPICE options

0:38:43 Export Preferences

0:41:33 Where are the files?

0:45:27 Start LTSPICE

0:47:26 cmosedu_models.txt location

0:51:23 Delete .options nopage

0:52:28 Run LTSPICE

0:54:33 Output curve

0:55:43 Transfer curve

0:59:13 Layout creation

1:1:33 NMOS transistor

1:2:19 N-contact, gate contact

1:3:33 Set transitor length

1:5:3 Properties window to set size

1:6:3 Wire up

1:8:26 Move close together

1:9:33 Set SPICE model

1:10:43 Create Export VG, VD, VS

1:11:53 Selection change with click

1:13:31 SPICE text for sources and simulation

1:14:21 Bulk or well contact

1:15:23 Design rule check




  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Vollrath
    Consultations: T221 Tue 10:00-10:45
    Please give advanced notice via email
  • Microelectronics
    • Lecture 2 SWS: Mo 10:00-11:30
    • Laboratory 2 SWS: Mo 8:00 - 9:30
    • 30% Laboratory: Report
    • 70% Exam: 90 min written exam
      • Non programmable calculator
      • Open book
Microelectronics: Replace a system or circuit board with one ASIC chip

Memory Products 64M..2G Bit DRAM


Area: Electronics





CircuitsSchematics FPGA RaspberryPi JavaScript

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 top new (bg cut out)
IoT Node.JS
Integrated Circuits Vision Electronics Laboratory Big Data
Data converter
Open Access E-Learning

Open Access E-Learning

Course contents

  • History and key design metrics
  • IC manufacturing and design rules
  • CMOS logic (Digital)
    • Sequential and Combinatorial Logic
    • Noise, propagation delay and power consumption
  • Semiconductor memories
  • Interconnects, clocking, timing and test
  • Chip input and output circuits, Interface
  • VLSI-design methodologies
  • Simulation: LTSPICE
  • Layout: Electric
  • Design with FPGA: Xilinx Webpack VHDL
Laboratory: Build a PWM circuit

Microelectronics Wikipedia

Microelectronics relevance for you

Microelectronics Companies

Design and manufacturing
Design IP company: ARM

EDA Companies:
There are design and manufacturing companies (Intel, Samsung, Infineon, Bosch), manufacturing companies (TSMC, UMC, Globalfoundries), fabless design companies (Broadcomm, Qualcomm) doing only chip design and IP companies (ARM) selling a chip design for reuse and customization.
Chip design can be done in 3 month, manufacturing needs 3 month and test and verification needs 3 month and volume ramp up another 3 months resulting in cycle times for new products of up to 1 year. A wafer processing to an IC costs about 1000.- $. A mask set for patterning costs between 10k..10 Mio $.
Electronic design automation (EDA) companies provide software to enable succesfull chip design and manufacuring tools. Automation in chip design and manufacturing with software and hardware is needed to make it possible to successfully make changes to one transistor in the schematic and transfer it without error to a manufacturing process.
Manual steps are to error prone to be used. Verification of all steps is needed to be successful.

Top 15 Semiconductor Sales Leader

IC Insight

Semiconductor sales ranking by company in 2020(in million U.S. dollars)


CMOS: Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation,
Revised Second Edition, R. Jacob Baker, Wiley,
ISBN 978-0-470-22941-5, Revised 2nd Edition, 2008.
CMOS: Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Second Edition, Baker, Wiley 2009


Analog and mixed signal CMOS design with extensive theory and simulation.
No synthesis of large digital circuits with design for test.


CMOS VLSI Design, Neil Weste, David Harris 100.-


Synthesis of large digital CMOS VLSI circuits with test.
No analog CMOS circuits.
Microelectronics generates analog, digital and mixed signal integrated circuits.
Topics in Microelectronics are: synthesis, high level design entry, schematic, layout, circuit devices, manufacturing, packaging, test, characterization, design for test, diagnosis, yield and reliability.
Unfortunately each book covers only a subset of these topics.


Application Specific Integrated Circuits Michael Smith 62.-Euro


Microelectronic Circuit Design, R. C. Jaeger, T. N. Blalock
McGraw Hill, 4th Edition, 60.- Euro

IEEE solid state circuits, www.ieee.org
Design Line: http://www.pldesignline.com/


Phil Allen and Doug Holberg
CMOS Analog Circuit Design
2015: 71/28 Euro


IEEE solid state circuits, www.ieee.org
Design Line: http://www.pldesignline.com/

Summary and Next

Today an engineer has to assemble or improve a complex system.
Same strategies as in microelectronics.
Modelling, Simulation, Test, Documentation
02 History

Top 20 Semiconductor Companies

IC Insight

Semiconductor sales ranking by company in 2016 (in million U.S. dollars)

Top 15 Semiconductor Sales Leader

IC Insight

Semiconductor sales ranking by company in 2018(in million U.S. dollars)