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Interface Electronics

09 ADC Architectures

Prof. Dr. Jörg Vollrath

08 ADC introduction, sampling and jitter

Video Lecture: Flash and SAR ADC

Länge: 01:06:27
0:2:27 Question

0:2:27 ADC start last lecture

0:3:50 3-bit Flash ADC with R-string DAC with thermometer to binary encoder

0:9:19 Discussion speed, resolution

0:11:19 Thermometer code and binary code

0:13:47 Transistor function encoding binary output

0:15:49 Speed, parallel operation, input capacitance,

0:18:6 Power

0:19:36 LSB and gain = Vdd/LSB, limited bandwidth

0:21:14 Input noise, Voffset

0:24:31 Interpolating Flash ADC

0:28:22 Folding Flash ADC

0:37:19 SAR ADC

0:40:7 Operation example for input 0.6 V with Vref = 1 V

0:49:3 Details of the circuit in LTSPICE

0:52:18 Simulation time

Review and Overview

Flash ADC


Resolution B



The Flash ADC generates a thermometer code.
Thermometer codeBinary Code
T6T5T4T3T2T1T0 B2B1B0
0000000 000
0000001 001
0000011 010
0000111 011
0001111 100
0011111 101
0111111 110
1111111 111

For each level one comparator is needed. High count of comparators, high input capacitance.
High resolution requires low comparator offset and high gain to generate a full level digital signal.

Number of BitsMaximum OffsetGain
40.0625 · Vref 16
80.004 · Vref 256
100.001 · Vref 1024
120.0025 · Vref 4048

The offset of a comparator depends on the size of the CMOS input transistors:
Voffset ∝ \( \frac{1}{\sqrt{W \cdot L}} \)

Lower noise means higher area and higher input capacitance.

If the requirement for comparator offset is not met or noise is present sparkle codes can happen.
The thermometer code is corrupted having more than one transition from 0 to 1.

Correct code: 000000011111111Encoded binary code1000
Sparkle code: 000000010111111Encoded binary code1110
The code for the first '01' transition is 'OR'ed with the code of the second '01' transition.
Additional digital circuit can be required.
Comparators can feedback noise to the reference voltage ladder. Capacitive coupling between comparator output and intput.

Interpolating flash ADC

Reduce the number of comparators using interpolation.
The output of the preamplifiers are coupled with resistors.
Example reference?

Folding flash ADC

Reduce the number of comparators using folding.

SAR ADC: Blocks

At the beginning of the conversion an input signal is sampled.
The comparator compares it with the output of the DAC.
The state machine sets the MSB depending on the outcome of the comparison and then tries the next bit.

SAR ADC: Flow, Algorithm, Simulation

Set MSB to 1:
Loop until LSB set:
Compare DAC output with analog input:
If DAC output > analog input reset current bit.
Try and set next bit.
End Loop

Blue line shows analog input voltage.
Green shows output of internal DAC.
Red shows output code with MSB first.

Input: 0.6
1 * 0.5 + 0 * 0.25 + 0 * 0.125 + 1 * 0.0625 + 1 * 0.03125 + 0 * 0.015625 + 0 * 0.0078125 + 1 * 0.00390625

SAR ADC: Benefits and Challenges


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10 Pipeline ADC