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Interface Electronics

Laboratory 01: Webreport, LTSPICE and data converters

***007, V

***007, V


This is a guided laboratory to get started with LTSPICE and documenting results in a web report.

Preparing Web report and starting LTSPICE

In this laboratory Notepad++ will be used to edit raw html code for the webpage: Start Notepad++.
As a web browser Firefox is used: Start Firefox.
Navigate to the "Interface Electronics" web page by searching for "Vollrath InEl" on the internet.

Download the web page template

Download the file web_Template.zip and unzip the file in a local directory. It can take some time.
Since files are quite big. You can not use your students H drive. In the meantime we will learn about LTSPICE.


Open the presententation LTSPICE in Firefox.
The goal is to understand LTSPICE simulation and at the end simulate an ideal 4-bit behavioral ADC DAC system.
This can be used to later simulate real ADC and DAC performance.

In this lecture theory, equations, simulations, realizations and measurements will be done.
LTSPICE is used as a circuit simulator before building a real circuit.
Start LTSPICE on L-drive on PC: L:\apps\LTC\LTspiceIV_BS_MiCr.bat
The <esc> key can be used to stop drawing wires.
Set line width and background color acording to LTSPICE presentation.
There will be a window for schematic entry and a window for simulation results.
Menue items will change depending on the active window.
A low pass filter is designed.
File, New Schematic

LTSPICE schematics

Schematic entry is done using the description in LTSPICE Presentation
A voltage source (sine,AC), R = 100k and C1 = 50 n are placed.
Simulation commands are placed.
Document your circuit in the report.

Simulation commands

.op Simulation command for operation point.
.tran simulate over time period T=1/f to see a couple of periods.
.AC simulates a frequency sweep.

LTSPICE simulation output

Make a .op; .tran and .ac simulation and document it.
.op gives all currents and voltages.
.tran gives a time simulation
.ac makes a frequency sweep

Start of web report

Go to the unzipped web_Template directory.
Change the name of the group directory.
Do not use special characters in directory and file names.
Change the name of the html file.
Open the file in the browser and in Notepad++.
There are tags in brackets used to structure the document.
<div></div> sections of the document
<title></title> Is the tab name in the browser
<!-- Comment ---> Comments can make sections in the editor better visible.
<div class="slide"></div> A section for a new slide
<h1>Slide title</h1> A header in a slide section makes the title.
<div class="handout"></div> Text inside the slide div, which is not displayed in presentation view.
<img src="Images/picname.jpg" width="100" height="100"> Insert picture from folder Images

Creation of a web report will be done with copy, paste and modify.
A working copy of a certain feature will be taken from Making of a web report .
Content and reference names will then be modified.

Continuation Laboratory and web report

LTSPICE: ADC DAC simulation

If symbols are missing there is the option to automatically generate the symbols:
LTSPICE: Hierarchy, open this sheets symbol, create one.
It can happen that the pins are not matching the schematic, since they are placed automatically.